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The Best Colors to Use for Pizza Menus

Because the object of a pizza menu is to sell pizzas, special attention must be placed on the colors chosen for their ability to sell food. Some colors are ‘appetizing’ while others are not, based on psychological studies and statistical analysis. Of course it is always safe to stay with the traditional colors of the Italian flag because that is what customers expect to see. Any time a menu is boldly printed in red, green and white in equal proportions, it is readily identifiable as an Italian food or pizza menu. But those colors also mean so much more based on the psychology of color, and based on this same science, there are also colors which should be avoided on a menu at all costs www.menutemplate.net.

Traditional Red, Green and White: The Best Colors to Use for Pizza Menus

While red, green and white are the colors of the Italian flag, they are also the best colors to use for a pizzeria because of the psychological impact they have on a person viewing the menu. Red has been proven to speed up a person’s heart rate and it also stimulates the appetite. White is a color of purity and consumers tend to associate white with cleanliness and sterility. That leaves green which is ‘the’ color of nature and all that is natural. In terms of a pizza menu, there is a subliminal message in using those colors to symbolize food that is fresh, clean and natural. Of course, don’t forget that they also make the menu easily recognizable as Italian!

Alternate Colors to Use for Pizza Menus

There are secondary colors that also work well as some of the best colors to use for a pizza menu. For instance, yellow if used in small amounts provides a sunny, cheerful appeal, but only in small areas. Brown, beige or ecru are also good colors as they are ‘earth tones,’ warm and inviting. Oftentimes pizza menu printing is on a beige or ecru background because white soils too easily and may be a bit too bright on the eyes if used over too large an area. And text should always be in black to make it readable, with specials written in green or red if complimentary colors are needed to make an item stand out for marketing purposes.

Colors to Avoid on a Pizza Menu – Or Any Menu for that Matter!

When looking for the best colors to use, try to always avoid blue or purple. There is a proven psychology behind this, other than the fact that they will just clash with the other colors! Studies conducted indicated that blue is the rarest color found in nature and when foods were dyed blue, subjects ate less. Purple is a close second and should only be used on a menu when picturing wines or berries. The object of a pizza menu is to stimulate the appetite and with proper use of color, along with appetizing photos of mouth watering dishes, the pizza menu will virtually do the upselling for you!

A good printing company should advise you which are the best colors to use, and may even have an assortment of templates to choose from. There is a reason why certain colors are more effective than others, and a professional printer knows their colors!